Covid won’t stop us –you’re still invited to our conference to review 2020!

29 October 2020

Due to the intensifying pandemic and increasingly strict restrictions, we have been forced to change the format of the 26th Annual Real Estate and Construction Market Convention in Poland from a hybrid to an exclusively virtual event. We take this decision with a heavy heart, because the live conversations, the shaking of hands and the exchanging of business cards will all be missed.
However, the virus has not prevented us from inviting you to this meeting of the sector’s top experts. As usual, there will large amounts of information, opinions and forecasts will be provided as we find out what the state the market is really in and the best way to deal with adversity.
The date of the conference, November 25th, remains unchanged –so we hope you will be able to find time for this virtual get-together with the elite of the real estate sector!

The 27th Annual Property Market Convention in Poland
Radisson Collection Hotel, ul. Grzybowska 24