10, 20, 30 questions to... Magdalena Kowalewska

5 November 2020

Magdalena Kowalewska –the operations country manager and management board member of Immofinanz in Poland –is undoubtedly a figure known to everyone in the Polish real estate sector, but it still can’t do any harm to learn even more about her. And there will be the perfect opportunity to do so at the 26thAnnual Commercial Real Estate Convention in Poland, where Magdalena will be the special guest of the ‘10, 20, 30 questions to…’ section. At the annual event to summarise the passing year, our guest can be asked about the situation at Immofinanz in the last few months, what goals have been achieved, and what new goals and directions of development have been set for the near and the long term. You can also take this opportunity to ask questions about the current state of the market and its individual sectors, as well as for an assessment of Poland’s current status in the international arena. And if any of you are really curious about what kind of boss Magdalena is, how she leads her team, how she motivates them, or whether she prefers cheesecake or apple charlotte–then please feel free to send in such questions. Magdalena Kowalewska will answer them on November 25th at Eurobuild CEE’s 26th annual conference. Please send your questions in by e-mail to conference@eurobuildcee.com or by chat during the event. Registration for the online conference is still open and can be done via the conference website: http://annual.eurobuildconferences.com/.

The 26th Annual Property Market Convention in Poland
Online conference